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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply place your desired food item in the Toaster Buddies basket, place the basket in your toaster slot, and follow your toaster’s instructions as normal. When your food is ready simply lift your Toaster Buddies using the easy grip handle and empty the basket directly onto your serving plate. No Hassle; No Wait!

Toaster Buddies is the ONLY Toaster essential of it’s kind; designed to make your toaster hassle free and easy to use! Toaster Buddies eliminates “Toasty Fingers”, stuck pastries, big messes, delays, and damage to your toaster caused by use of sharp or metal objects for retrieval.

We are absolutely confident that Toaster Buddies will live up to your expectations, but if sadly you still want to return it, you can of course do so. Contact us at [email protected] and we will tell you step by step what to do. We also recommend you to read our return policy.

Toaster Buddies is a company based in United States of America.