Toaster Buddies™ utensil is designed to hold all bread and toaster products commonly prepared in a toaster and will fit almost all pop-up toasters. But what’s really great about it is that EVERY box comes with, NOT 1, but 2 Toaster Buddies™ utensil!Both Toaster Buddies can be used simultaneously in a two or more slotted toaster.

Ok, now we know all of that sounds fine and dandy, but, if you’re like most people, we’re sure that right about now you’re probably wondering to yourself……

Why Should You Use It?
According to the FDA, more than 700 people worldwide are killed each year as a result of toaster fires and electrocutions. Here’s Why: Any toasters manufactured after 2001 are equipped with an “Anti-Jam” and auto shutoff mechanism, however, these can fail after years of use and buildup of food. In addition to that, Toasters can contain exposed live electrical currents that can lead to electrical shock burns and even death.
Up until now, the only solution to removing jammed toast was to stick a knife in it (which is extremely dangerous) or unplugging it all together. But thanks to Toaster Buddies, there’s a SAFER WAY!

No more getting burnt to try to get your food out of your toasterNo more going through the hassle of scraping stuck pastries from the bottom of your toaster

No more wasting time, day-in and day-out, cleaning up big messes that inefficient toasts create

No more wishing, hoping and praying for a way to totally eliminate that damage to your toaster caused by the use of sharp or metal objects for retrieval.